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His savings got him no further than Bulgaria. The Syrian has since been recognized as a political refugee in the country. He has left the camp for Stara Zagora, a town half an hour's drive from Harmanli.

Uarda Una Henderson, 100, Taught in Oswego 308, Played Piano, and So Much More

He still visits the camp on a regular basis, however: the Bulgarian Red Cross pays him euros a month - twice the average Bulgarian wage - to help translate and work things out with newcomers from Syria. Sights set on Germany Refugees like Rasheed are few and far between in Bulgaria.

While the country is regarded as an alternative to the closed Balkan route, most migrants tend to steer clear of Bulgaria. The few who do enter the country move on. Bulgarian reception centers have registered almost 4, refugees this year so far, but only stayed in the country. Bulgaria has a reputation of being a country where vigilantes "hunt" refugees and where an Afghan was shot for trying to cross the border. It's the "European welfare state" which migrants seek - and that happens to be in the West.

Cheap flight to Deutschland "Everything's much better in Germany," says Uarda Hossein, a year-old pregnant Syrian who has been in Harmanli for six months with her husband and seven children.

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The family paid 9, euros for the trip from Turkey to Germany. Their journey was over before they had even reached Sofia. Meanwhile, the family has been granted political asylum and Bulgarian passports that allow them to move freely within the EU.

They still dream of Germany. But they don't have enough money for tickets, so the family hopes relatives in Frankfurt can help out.

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If they could board a plane to Germany, their dream just might come true after all. Longing for social safety "Most migrants stay in Harmanli no longer than a week," according to Jordan Malinov. If they have enough money, they turn to human traffickers.

Turkey warns EU to stick by visa-free travel promise

They leave the camp one night and never return, the camp manager says. He remembers a Syrian family with a wheelchair-bound child that tried to continue the journey to Germany four times, but was stopped by Serb border patrols every single time, and sent back to the Bulgarian camp. The family gave it another go, and this time, they didn't return. Previous refugees were looking for safety, and many in and were well-educated Syrians like Rasheed Allawi.

Nine out of ten threw away their IDs, and few are interested in work or integration, he laments. Hurdles to integration in Bulgaria Of late, asylum-seekers who spend more than three months in the camp receive job offers. The job would net him about euros per month. Karagjozova points out broken windows in the container homes set up for the refugees.

Asylum-seekers busted the windows in the fall of , when German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Germany's doors were open, she says.

Author:Georg Ebers

But they wanted to go to Germany so they smashed windows in protest. Half a year later, their number has dwindled to One, maybe two, asylum-seekers are registered per week. She and her colleagues fear for their jobs. The town's shop owners also miss the refugees.

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The newcomers guaranteed a good turnover, but now, sales have taken a nosedive. Business is slow for the human traffickers, too. Despite low wages, a few residents recently bought new cars or renovated their homes - and according to Karagjozova, everyone in town thinks they know where the money came from. Perhaps human traffickers also offered their services to the first two migrants who voluntarily moved to Bulgaria from Greece under the quota system.

Karagjozova mulls the possibility, and says the two actually ran away after a week, "probably to western Europe. He doesn't mind living in the EU's poorest member state. Click here. This video covers the basics of creating a project, selecting a target type, creating screens, and adding objects to screens.

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